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The world’s oldest man, a Japanese fellow named Tomoji Tanabe, died Friday. He was 113.

Now, the crown for the world’s oldest man title has passed to the English Henry Allingham, 113. Guinness World Records proclaimed his entrance into their famous book last Friday.

Allingham is the only remaining member of the WWI armed forces.


Want to contribute a few things to the MBR K!ds site? This is my royal history website for children, and not only does it cover the royal family but also the traditions of the British Isles, too.

If you’d like to help include unique information about British traditions or holidays, email me at: b-a AT mandysroyalty DOT org

Thanks! 🙂

A distinctly undiplomatic State Department official, involved in the planning of the Obama-Brown meeting, was quoted by The Sunday Telegraph as saying that “there’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world.”

Thank you, Washington, for showing us how you really feel. Nothing to exploit from Britain, so it’s worthless, eh? Thank you. How ashamed I am of this so-called “leadership”. Thanks for insulting my heritage, and the country that made the United States for you to poo upon.

As you know, the British American Group strives to enhance British culture in New England. But in order to do this effectively, I need your help!

What better way to make connections than with an interactive online group? Leave your comments, questions, or advice here as you read through the categories on British and American facts. Browse through the photos on the website. You can also join the group officially (for free!) by registering at the message board:

The British American at Yahoo! Groups.

Americans with British heritage can learn more about their ancestral homeland. Expatriate Britons can support and connect with one another, sharing experiences about life in America. Contribute ideas to cultural celebrations; help teach British history to kids; recommend books; share expat experiences; contribute ideas for museum shows that have a British theme….

The list goes on. How to do it? Join free TODAY.

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