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Upcoming events in the New England area

26 July 2009: Triumph Trans-America Charity Drive visits Boston
Larz Anderson Park, Brookline, MA
Starts at 10:00am

To learn more about the 10,000 mile charity drive, visit

Til 23 August 2009: The Yale Center for British Art presents"Seascapes, Marine Paintings and Watercolors" from the U Collection

Yale Center for British Art
1080 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT

Visit the Yale Center for British Art online for more details.

Boston’s Birthday (Charter Day) September 10-13 2009, with a special focus on its British roots. Click here for more information on the week’s activities.


Celebrate Ireland’s patron saint with a pint and a smile!


Happy St. David’s Day to all Welshmen! 🙂 This patron saint of Wales is celebrated annually on March 1st.

UKTV launch their new channel Blighty on Tuesday. Check out the preview!

New! What happened to the twinning relationship between Worcester, Massachusetts and Worcester, England? Mandy talks about the ups and downs, and what we can do about it. Hear more…

September 2008 – January 5, 2009

The year 2008 marks the 225th anniversary of Treaty of Paris that ended the American Revolution. However, its legacy has been much greater than merely ending the war: it reshaped North America, creating new political relationships, voicing new American identities, and leading to the forging of new lives throughout North America. This international exhibition brings together for the first time Library and Archives of Canada with the National Archives and Records Administration.

The eight-month exhibit will feature many valuable archival treasures from the vaults of both institutions, including the rarely-seen American copy of the 1783 Treaty of Paris. After premiering at the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa on May 5, 2008, the exhibit will travel to the National Archives’ Lawrence F. O’Brien Gallery in Washington to open on the treaty’s anniversary date of September 3rd.


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