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Worcester Twinning Not Going Well

Posted on: June 24, 2008

I’m a little miffed.

Ok, more than a little. I just didn’t think it would be this difficult to try and get a hold of people who would be able to get the twinning process underway. What is wrong with our Worcester city government here in the US? The English end has been just fine. The only American I have been able to contact is a kind reporter from the Telegram and Gazette, the local Worcester, MA newspaper.

Here’s the story. I was pained to hear that our English counterpart was feeling neglected, as reported in all sorts of newspapers. How embarrassing! Mayor (at that time) Stephen Inman of Worcester, England was bummed out because there was great fanfare when the twinning was agreed upon, then basically rejected. Many English came to stay in Worcester Massachusetts and went home thinking that a lot of productivity was underway, only to have their efforts die out on American soil.

The (English) Worcester Twinning Association is an initiative designed to establish and maintain ongoing relations between the people of both cities. Fred Stone, the liaison officer of the Worcester Twinning Association, had sent an editorial to the local newspapers. In it he wrote: “In 1999 the mayors of Worcester, Mass. and Worcester, England, signed a Twinning Agreement which should have, amongst other things, facilitated visits, both ways, by the citizens of the two cities.”

Stone also stated that after trying in vain to connect the two parties, he was now considering abandoning any attempt at twinning with Worcester, Mass.”

Don’t let this happen! If you are in the central Massachusetts area and would like to help volunteer your time to solidify ties, please let the city know!!


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